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Sangria… did you know?

It was 1964 and the United States got its first real introduction to Sangria at the World’s Fair in New York. Its humble roots...
Running over 50 header

Running Over 50

For many of us, putting the words running and over 50 in the same sentence appears to be a typo! Common wisdom would have...

New Home Building Trends Post Covid

As I started to compile information about this topic I had many thoughts in my mind given what has transpired over the past few...
10 Tips for Safe Road Trips during Coronavirus

10 Tips for Safe Road Trips this Summer

Everyone has been locked in their homes for a long time. So, now that coronavirus lockdown restrictions are easing, the temptation will be to...
Shower Worthy Lemon Bars

Shower-worthy Lemon Squares

I discovered this recipe when co-hosting a baby shower for my niece. My niece is married to a pilot in the air-force and they...