Reclaim your LIfe by Living with Less

Live with Less and Live More Fully

by Kimberly Blaker Steps to Achieve That Goal You've likely heard this mantra for years. But living with less is easier said than done. The accumulation...
Covid-19 Vaccine Education

Vaccinations: misinformed, confused, overwhelmed?

By Elizabeth Sandel DO, Board Certified Family Physician At one full year into the SARS COVID 19 worldwide pandemic, there is finally a morsel of...

How Happiness Changes with Age

The search for happiness throughout one's life can be both elusive and palpable. Depending on one's current situation, one may feel varying levels of...
TMS Treatment for Depression Blog Post Header

Depression: An Alternative Treatment

-- Sponsored Content  -- If you suffer from moderate to severe depression and have tried a plethora of medications and treatments with no success, Transcranial...
vitamin c anti aging benefits

5 Ways Topical Vitamin C Slows Aging Skin

  You need dietary Vitamin C for the health of your joints, bones and immune system, but applying vitamin C may also improve the health...