Beginning Meditation

Meditation: 3 Tips for the Beginner

  Meditation is the act of using mindfulness or focus to calm your mind and body. It is practiced to strengthen awareness of the present...
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Can the Great Outdoors Pave the Trail to Healthy Aging?

From trendy supplements to costly skin treatments, older adults are always looking for ways to improve the aging process. But one of the most...
6 tips for stretching

6 Rules to Stretching

Stretching might seem like a straightforward activity. The right way to stretch can appear to be something that is obvious and easy to understand....
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Running Over 50

For many of us, putting the words running and over 50 in the same sentence appears to be a typo! Common wisdom would have...

5 Amazing Benefits of Walking

  The best things in life are free - it's a cliché but so true when it comes to walking. Yes, walking is one of...