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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Kitchen Design Trends – what you need to know.

Keeping up with kitchen design trends isn't a good enough reason to remodel your home.  But having a space that is both comfortable and...
Tips for managing symptoms of arthritis

What a pain! Tips for alleviating symptoms of arthritis.

The many aches and pains of growing older can range from minor backaches to sore muscles, or they could be something more serious. They...
Weston Master Up - Popular Floor Plan for Downsizingl

Popular Floor Plans for Downsizing or “Rightsizing”

Today's most popular floor plans for downsizing are very different than twenty years ago. Downsizers today are active and the home plans that appeal...
5 tips to help you choose your perfect spa vacation

Spa Vacations – 5 Tips to Help You Pick the Perfect...

So here we all are, living through the stress and anxiety brought on by the global pandemic. At the start, you may have managed...
5 Fashion Blogs to follow if your over 55

5 Fashion Blogs for Women over 50 to Follow

When women hit a certain age, fashion blogs can be helpful to update their look.  It's at this age that many women think about...