Winter Wardrobe Blog Header

Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Cozy & Practical: Essential elements for a fashionable winter: BY WENDY RITZ Living in upstate New York brings cold and snowy winters, but that doesn’t mean...
Visiting the Past to Plan the Future. Blog Header

Thinking about the past to find the future

Have you heard a story from your parents or grandparents, years ago, and wished you could have been there?  These past few months have...
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How to stay positive in an anxious world

Life is often stressful. Events can throw you into a depression and make you feel like a prisoner. It doesn't help if you're surrounded...
Music - the playlist of our lives

Music, The Playlist of Our Lives

By, Christopher Michael "When you're happy, you enjoy music. But when you're sad, you understand the lyrics" - Frank Ocean Think back to your first memory...
15 Gifts to Boost Positivity Blog Header

15 Gifts that boost Positivity & Gratitude

Preparing for the holidays in 2020 isn't quite like any other year. The pandemic has taken its toll, and the best gifts will be...