Stylish bathrooms for aging in place

Elegant Upgrades designed for Aging in Place

There’s nothing more normal than wanting to stay in your home (or age in place) as you get older. In fact, according to the...
Beautiful Backyard Herb Garden with Labels

Herb Gardens – the Perfect Addition to Your Backyard

by Cari Schribner It's Time to HERB Your ENTHUSIASM...and Make Fresh Herbs Part of Your Home Garden Of course, you can purchase dried herbs in the...
Spring Cleaning_Cleaning Out the Closet

Spring Cleaning: 5 Tips to Tackle Your Closet

Are You Ready to Tackle Spring Cleaning? Spring is here which means it's time for spring cleaning! The weather is starting to improve, and although...
It's a Dirty Job - How to Prepare Your Garden Soil

It’s a DIRTY Business: Prepping Your Garden Soil

By Cari Scribner  The time has come at last to roll up your sleeves and get out the trowel and play in the dirt in...
All Cooped Up Blog Header image

All Cooped Up: adding chickens to your backyard is easier than...

by Tony Pallone One day in the near future, when the pandemic is little more than a reminder in the rearview mirror, we’ll likely reflect...