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Thursday, November 26, 2020
Peter Belmonte

Business Spotlight: Belmonte Builders

Since 1977, Belmonte Builders has been building high-quality homes in the Capital Region. A family-owned business, Belmonte takes pride in working closely with each customer to personalize...
Fall Safety Tips for Fall

Fall Safety Tips for Pets

Regardless of where you live, the fall season brings weather changes. While some people finally experience bearable temperatures, others enjoy golden colors, crisp air,...
Hiking Post Header

Can the Great Outdoors Pave the Trail to Healthy Aging?

From trendy supplements to costly skin treatments, older adults are always looking for ways to improve the aging process. But one of the most...
grow old gracefully

Never Grumpy: How to Grow Old Gracefully

Let's be honest.. old age comes with its aches and difficulties. There's arthritis to contend with, and bladder problems are probably in the picture...
Celery equals Love blog post image

Celery…What’s the best part?

When I was a kid I was always hungry. I’d yell out, “Hey Ma, what do we have to eat?” She’d say, “go get...