Get the most out of your next trip by using a Virtuoso travel expert

Planning a trip? 6 Reasons to work with a travel advisor.

If you are planning a trip to a location that you do not know very well, it makes sense to rely on the expertise...
Visiting the Past to Plan the Future. Blog Header

Thinking about the past to find the future

Have you heard a story from your parents or grandparents, years ago, and wished you could have been there?  These past few months have...
Hudson-Valley_New-England-Local Travel Blog Header

New England & The Hudson Valley

Discover local travel by exploring the beautiful New England and The Hudson Valley. Stay close to home and feel safe. From the Salem Witch...

Columbia County, A Drive Through History

* printed with permission of the Columbia County Historical Society. Legends & Folklore The Columbia County Historical Society recently launched Drive Through History, a series of...
exploring the adirondacks

Exploring the Adirondacks

One of the joys of living in the Capital Region is being able to easily access the Adirondacks. Now more then ever when we...